Sunday, August 10, 2008


We spent a great time in Oregon with the Eastman Family! I am so hppy we took the time to go this summer. They showed us some really good times.
We went on the Hells Gate Rogue River jet boat dinner. These boats only need 6 inches of water to go in. They hold over 60 people and they go up to 60 mph. We did 360's on the water, weaved back and forth , raced the other boats on the tour, and got 100% soaked! At least those of us on the front row! Everyone else gets 50% soaked....what a riot! We had a blast..and the dinner is all the yummy food you can eat at this beautiful large log cabin they built especially for the Hells Gate excursions.
We spent the next day at Gold Hill, at a true energy was really something. They have a mystery house that slid off the hill side during some bad rains quite some time ago, and it landed in this vortex, it is totally crooked and they show some amazing demonstrations of energy insie of this house. Like a ball rolls up hill, water runs up hill, when inside we stood at a total slant, and it felt normal, but looked slanted to others. The batteries in our camera and Lee's phone were charging. Lee's cell phone continued to turn on, no matter how many times he shut it off, and it would say "battery charging".
We went to a reservoir with the family and boated in Stacy and Shayna's boat for half a day. Stacy is a great wake boarder. The kids rode the tube, well actually we all rode the tube, even Lee and Shary!
We went to church with the family, and then went to see Donovans Grandpa for a bit.
We played dominoes, ate food out doors, and had a talent show that was MC'd by Paige and Sarah on Sunday evening at Stacy and Shayna's.
There is so much to tell, we had a wonderful time and made some amazing memories!

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